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Which are the Best Apps for Travelers?

by Let's Go Vacation Rentals
15 July, 2015
Category:   Travel and Leisure

Which are the best apps for travelers?

Travel apps nowadays are all about making your trip easy and comfortable. This article will guide you through the 10 best apps for travelers so you can have them all dowloaded before you start your next trip.

Based on their functionalities, the apps can be classified into planning, booking, navigation, exploration, communication and documentation. From helping you save money, to finding the best places or even making communication easier, if you want to know which are the best apps for travelers you should keep on reading.

It’s not really about the destination you are visiting, it is about having the best time possible and these apps will help you achive you dream vacation.


This app provides you with maps that show the path of thousands of international flights. These maps are very easy to use and can be zoomed for finer details. This app also takes care of informing you the delays, departure gateways and cancellations that may happen. This app is available for most of the platforms like iOS, Windows and Android.


This app is a one-stop solution for all your booking needs. This acts as your personal assistants looking after all the bookings you have, from flights and hotels to cars and restaurants. This app is completely free and is available for iOS and Android.

Pin Drop

Definitely an app for those who love to explore, this apps lets your drop pins on the GPS drawn map such that you are able to go places that may surprise you and at the same time avoid the researches and hassles that are involved in using a paper map. This app is an iOS app and is free of cost.

App to drop pins on the GPS map


Another app for those avid travelers, FourSquare is world famous apps that has got millions of users world wide. This location-based app is set to satisfy all your curiosity when it comes to the place that you are visiting. The app connects you to the social media and helps you in getting the suggestions from the people who have already been to the place that you are visiting.


This is a place where you can find the comforts of a good navigation system along with a social network connectivity to ease your job. This app also has the option of using user’s submitted traffic stats to get you to your destination in the shortest possible duration, following the shortest possible route. This app is free and available on iOS and Android devices.

Trip Journal

When you travel, you are bound to create many memories that you want to keep with you for a lifetime. Trip Journal is the  solution for all your documentation problems. This journal only needs your GPS to be turned on an it creates geo-tagged pictures, videos and notes and also maps your explorations. This app for travelers is available on iOS and Android platforms.

Trip Journal, great app for travelers

XE Currency Converter

This app is a must have for anyone traveling abroad. Without the knowledge of the currency conversion you will not be able to have the knowledge of the funds that you may need for getting your tour done. This app is free and available on iOS, Android and BlackBerry platforms.


When traveling, it doesn’t matter if you know all the generic places to visit. The main deal is in the fact that you get the advise from the local guides and people and visit the places that will give you the true feel of the culture and all other aspects. This app is free of cost and is available only for iOS.

Google Translate

When going to a country that has non-native language, this app is a must have for you. This app provides real time translation and translates the language as and when spoken so, there is no need for you to cross-reference later. This is a free app and is available on iOS and Android devices.


This app is a boon for all those who are on a long trip, away from home. All you need to do is find a Wi-Fi zone and you will be talking and watching your loved ones back home. For just 2 cents a minute, you can call any number anywhere in the world or you can have a video conference. This app is free of cost as far as installation and video conferencing is concerned. It is available on iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry platforms.

Skype app for travelers

Do you know your next travel destination?

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