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Vacation Rentals In Playa del Carmen: Types of Properties

by Let's Go Vacation Rentals
6 April, 2015
Category:   Real Estate

Vacation Rentals In Playa del Carmen,Types of Properties

When looking for the right vacation rental in Playa del Carmen, you should be clear about the kind of accommodation you are looking for. You can rent wide range of properties, from rooms, small apartments to houses and luxurious villas.

Conducting your own online research on apartments available for rent in Playa del Carmen even before leaving for the vacation can save you some time and money. It is surely useful to get the hang of the coastal town in the Caribbean before you land.

Apartments for rent

Those out for a vacation with the entire family are likely to find living in apartments quite economical and comfortable. Living in an apartment would give you the feeling of living in a home while you are away from home.

Depending on the time when you want to visit, there are certain price variations. Usually you can rent 2-3 bedroom apartments at prices from $115 per night. Most of the properties include air-conditioning, balcony, satellite, sauna, linens, microwave, washer, etc.

For those with large families, there are apartments with four bedrooms, while small families and couples can fit in a single bedroom apartment.

You are traveling alone? There are various one bedroom apartments for single persons, including fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and all the amenities one person can need. The price is as low as $90-$100 per night.


If you want more privacy and are traveling with the whole family a great option would be to rent a nice house in a convenient neighborhood.

You will surely find well-furnished houses with all modern facilities like fridge and freezer, microwave, flat screen LCD TV, washroom with shower, and air-conditioners.


If you are up for some luxury vacation rentals, Playa del Carmen offers numerous deluxe villas for rent. The villas usually include swimming pool, gym equipment, WiFi, spacious courtyard, squash court, badminton, etc.

Typically with a lot of windows, these spacious homes provide astonishing ocean views, which is a great way to kick start your vacation day.

Luxury villas in Playa del Carmen

Choosing the best location in Playa del Carmen

It would also serve well if you choose a good location for living in Playa del Carmen.  Different people have different priorities, so good location is a matter of preference. There are apartments in the area of bars and discos, so if you are fond of night-life, you would appreciate such locations.

Also, there are some popular restaurants on the 5th Avenue. If you discover an affinity for local food or are a gourmet, there are many available apartment rentals nearby. And if you prefer to stay closer to the beach resort and diving sites, you will opt for some other locations.

Get The Best Rentals On The Internet

Many apartment-rentals on the Internet are nicely priced. So, even if you are on a tight budget, you can find online some good apartments in Playa del Carmen.

There is a great demand for these apartments, especially in summer, so be sure to make your bookings well in advance. Do it while you carve out the plans for the vacations, or you might end up in an accommodation you do not like.

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