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Nine Great Destinations for Adventurous Travelers

by Let's Go Vacation Rentals
3 July, 2015

Nine Great Destinations for Adventurous Travelers

Adventure travel is associated with some kind of risk and requires some physical exertions and special skills. The adventurous traveler will take up activities like mountain climbing, rock climbing and bungee jumping… It could be snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing or sailing in the seas and oceans, or trekking through a jungle or a desert.

Adventure travel involves activities that will challenge you, you are stepping out of the comfort zone. It gives the ultimate adrenalin rush.

We will try and list the nine great destinations for the adventurous traveler. It is not an easy task as there are many great spots, but let’s try:

 Cancun, the ultimate spot for water adventure

An ultimate spot for adventure sports, Cancun, Mexico boasts of advanced facilities for under water scuba diving, snorkeling, skyrider parasailing, waverunners and yachting.

There is also an underwater museum which just happens to be the perfect spot for travelers to scuba dive. You will get a wide range of aquatic life forms like dolphins, sea-horses, jelly fish and much more. You can also go yachting at Marazul boutique hotel yacht and beach club! It’s one of the best places to relax after day-long adventure.

Playa De Carmen, diving adventures

Another place in Mexico is Playa De Carmen, also great for underwater sports. You can go to Cozumel which is an island off the coast of Playa De Carmen for the ultimate diving experience. The facilities are world class and the spot is ranked among the top ten scuba diving destinations.

Dive to the depths and see the colorful reef formations around the island of Cozumel. It is a reef structure in the second stage of coral reef formation, and surrounds the island like a protection ring. Its varied marine life will delight you. You can also golf leisurely and Lorena Ochoa Studio is a good place to rent for vacations, it is very close to many diving spots and other adventurous activites.

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Dubai, the business and the adventure

Dubai is the place where the business flourishes. Almost all global companies have their presence here. However there is another side of the place… The extreme motoring across the golden sands of the desert is a liberating experience. The sand dunes offer a great place for sandboarding and any type of motorized racing.

The desert safari across the vast and sun soaked desert will help you learn about the eco system in arid deserts. You can also camp at night, but do not forget warm clothes as it gets really chilly during the night. Do not miss the camel ride, it is quite an experience.

Trek through snow caves in the Southern Alps

The fox glacier is 1,000 feet above sea level and has snow caves measuring eight miles. Gear up for the ultimate trek in icy conditions. The tunneling caves are mind boggling, and you can do snow climbing also at the same spot. The glacier rises up to 8000 feet.

Carry snow trekking and hiking equipment and enjoy the blue ice of the glacier. You can also take an aerial view of Mount Cook the highest peak on a helicopter.

Camping and hiking in Romania

Romania is best known as home to the famous Dracula character inspired on Vlad Tepes. The country is a good place for hiking and camping. The Carpathian Mountains provide a great place for hikers and campers. You can also explore the medieval villages and castles the traditional way – On a horse – The country also offers different water forms in the Danube delta. You can boat through the canals and lakes.

adventure travelling

Slovenia, A place for cultural adventure

Slovenia a part of the former Yugoslavia has the right mix of adventure and culture. You can go cycling, river rafting or visit some caves.

The underground caves provide an eerie and exciting experience. You can also go visiting the churches, experience the culture and stay in an overnight camp at a local village.

Bog nature trail in Estonia

The low lying Slovenia offers a unique adventure – The Bog Nature trail in Soomaa National park. The trail offers wide range of natural scenery marvels like limestone caves, dense forest, marshes lakes and rivers.

 Mountains, Lakes, springs and the Atacama in Chile

The mixture of surroundings in Chile will really take your breath away. On one end are the Mountains and lakes of Patagonia and on the other hand is the high altitude Atacama Desert. Here you can see the two humped Camel, a beautiful animal.

Just soak in the nature and hike through the wide range of terrain in this amazing country in South America.

Run with Kangaroos and play with Koalas, Australia

No adventure place list is complete without the mention of the grand continent island. With less than 35% of populated land, the place is full of natural eco-systems. Whether it be the Great Barrier Reef or the Victorian desert you will never run out of options.

The home to unique species due to its isolation from the other land masses, it is the place for adventure tourism.

So now that we have listed down the top places to go on an adrenaline field trip, which would be your favorite? We can surely help you get to Cancún and enjoy everything the depths of our calm turqouise-blue waters from this top destinations for adventurous travelers list has for you!


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