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Hospitality Rules: How to be a Great Host?

by Let's Go Vacation Rentals
20 May, 2015
Category:   Tips

Hospitality Rules- How to be a Great Host

Sharing your culture through hospitality is a good way to connect and establish global friendships so here are some hospitality rules to be a great host.

Maintain a clean space

Everyone is visual. We all feel a sense of wellbeing when we are in places that are well kept and pleasing to the eyes. Keeping your place clean is a good way to keep people happy and to enjoy the experience. Maintaining a clean home benefits not only the people you host but you, yourself. Let travelers remember their experiences in your home and try to keep everyone feeling comfortable.

Provide at least Basic Amenities

If your property has a kitchen, make sure you provide the utensils people need to use it. If there are beds, always provide clean sheets, blankets and pillows. Furniture is always a good idea especially for holiday rentals.

When tourist travel they are looking to relax and be provided with all the necessary amenities if they are on a vacation rental. Want to have people rent again? Make sure these basic needs are met.

Let your guest know they are welcome

People pay to rent homes away from traditional hotels and resorts but just like hotels and resorts, you must make sure your guest feels welcome.

Simple actions such as leaving a card or perhaps a small gift makes guest feel at home and even more confident that they made the right decision in choosing your home. If you are near, try and come out to greet the guest, acknowledge their stay and offer any help when they need it. Again, this will keep guest coming as word of mouth spreads about your care and generosity.

Make sure your pictures and description of the property is accurate

Nobody likes to be deceived. Update pictures and details about your rental home so guest can rest assured they are getting what they pay for. If your home is well maintained, then pictures go a long way in persuading travelers to choose your home as an option to stay. Using vivid detailed descriptions also make guest feel confident and comfortable even before they decide.

Be open for communication

Not only are you hosting someone in your home and representing yourself or your family, you are also representing your culture and customs.

If guests have questions or want your help with something let them know you are open to communicate. If you are not in town, perhaps let a neighbor or friend know you are having guest over so that perhaps if they want, the guest can connect with a local and enjoy the experience even more.

These hospitality rules to be a great host are simple yet important. Giving people a great experience in your vacation rental makes traveling all the more fun and memorable.

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