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Holiday Rentals in Mexico

by Let's Go Vacation Rentals
29 July, 2015
Category:   Vacation rentals

holidays in mexico

Holidays are the time for family or friends, and a restriction free environment sounds pretty appealing. To achieve this peaceful and fun time we suggest you to go to any of the beautiful and luxurious holiday rentals in Mexico.

You can have ultimate freedom and party late night. Also you will experience the local culture much better as the holiday rentals are located within local colonies. Here are some reasons why holiday rentals are a better option.

Are Holiday Rentals Better than Hotels?


No threat of hidden cameras in rooms or halls like in most hotels. In holiday rentals you get the ultimate privacy of your home. If you are with your partner or kids it is a great choice if you want to be with them and do not be bothered by any guests or staff members. Let’s Go has this amazing option for you where you can relax in privacy with all comforts. A top Holiday Rentals in Mexico

Cook your own dishes

When you are out for long you will yearn for home cooked food. Hotels will not allow you to cook. In holiday rentals you will have your own kitchen where you can cook food as per your taste and try local ingredients.

No limit for number of people

If you check in a hotel you get charged per person. If someone extra comes along your budget is hiked. This is not the case when you are staying in vacation rentals. You can enjoy your holidays with no extra charges of one or two persons extra. Just contact Let’s Go and book in advance to get the best deals.

Holiday with pets

Most of the Holiday Rentals in Mexico allow pets while hotels have a strict policy about them. Pets are very dear to every pet owner and you would love to bring them along. It is very easy to bring along pets in rentals and they will also love the homely environment.

Rentals costs less

With all its facilities the rental accommodations cost less. They are almost 25 percent of the hotel stay cost if you consider all the amenities and advantages.

Some holiday rentals of Let’s Go that are worth trying:

Marazul Boutique Hotel Yacht & Beach Club

Enjoy the eco-friendly vacation rental by let’s Go. At $50 per night it is one of the most economic options in Cancun.

Casa Model

If you want to enjoy the weather and the courtyard this is the best option in Playa De Carmen. Enjoy your evening drink on the well-furnished courtyard. Close to the beach with great service it is the ultimate spot for a family or friend vacation.

Palancar 401

A nice option to stay on the roof with a gorgeous view of the beach where you can go sunbathing anytime is Palancar 401. This holiday rental has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen , a/c, cable and Wi Fi.

La Amada

This last vacation rental is more than amazing! It has a view of the ocean and luxurious boats in the marina. Perfect for a couple or small family looking to relax in Cancun.

Hope you liked these options of holiday rentals and decide to stay in one of our properties.

While planning your holidays, we are sure your experience will have more fun and less issues with privacy.

Renting a house for holidays is a trend for a reason, so it is time to go figure out why and enjoy it to the fullest.

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