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DIY decorations for your rental house

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by Let's Go Vacation Rentals
8 July, 2015
Category:   Tips, Vacation rentals

DIY decorations for your rental house

We understand that creating the perfect atmosphere in your vacation rental may be hard so we came up with a few DIY decorations which can help you brighten up your rental house!

If you are a plant lover but don’t have enough space for a garden don’t worry because we’ve got a solution for that too.

Cut up old plastic soda bottles to use them as flower pots. Keep the small ones by the window to bring some freshness into the room. Mason jars or tin cans could be other solutions.

Flowers on DIY Mason Jars for rental house

Small canvases are easily available. Cover them up with colorful wrapping papers. Use beads or buttons to make decorative patterns on them: an easy but effective idea to be creative.

A simple way to brighten up the place could be to color pine cones. It may not sound very appealing, but once you paint a few pine cones, place them somewhere with fairy lights, to make them look amazing.

Colored pines cones - DIY decoration for vacation house

Perk up the space by making your own DIY scented candles. They are super-easy to make. You will need wax, candle wicks, a container to shape the candle and some perfumed oil.

Melt wax and pour it into the container and add a few drops of perfumed oil. Make the wicks stand straight with the help of a stick put horizontally with the wick taking support of it. Allow it to cool.You can add seashells, ribbons or tiny pebbles to decorate them.

Use tissue paper flowers to decorate your temporary home. All you will need are tissue papers (colored), scissors, wire, wire cutter, and thread. Fold the tissue paper like an accordion or like a hand-held fan. Tie a small piece of wire at the center and fasten it, so that the paper is not loose. Place both the ends together and cut the edges in the shape of a ‘U’. Pull each layer slowly so that it starts to turn into a flower.

DIY decorations with tissue paper flowers

You can change a simple piece of wood into a useful jewelry display. Drill in some holes put screw hooks and stick them with glue. Paint the board to add a finishing touch.

You can do so with tissues of various colors, shapes and sizes. Turn them into bouquets or wall hangings by clustering them together. You can also fix either these tissue paper flowers on your walls or buy artificial ones and stick them on the walls or doors like wall or door hangings. They will add color to your home.

A Polaroid wall decoration can be made using your new (or old) travel photos that you will be taking on your vacation. Make sure that the pictures you print are approximately the same size or more or less like Polaroid pictures.

DIY decorations for vacation rental with Polaroid Photos

After cutting them, paste them on to white sheets of paper that are bigger than the pictures. The Polaroids are ready. You can hang them on clothesline or nails on the wall and hang your pictures there with the help of clips.

Use flowers and wires together to create floral words. Use some semi-strong wires which can be bent and shaped into alphabets. Use the wires to create the word which you would like to showcase. Now, wrap a thin piece of cloth around the wires and with the help of glue gun, stick them in place. Cover the alphabets with flowers of your choice, and your new DIY decoration is ready!

Hang a bright and colorful garland around your door to welcome any guests or yourself after a fun-filled day. These can be created using artificial flowers, leaves or any geometrical shapes.

DIY colorful garland around your door

We hope you liked these easy decorative tips for your vacation rentals and we hope this article can make renting a house more fun!

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