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Best travel destinations in Europe for 2015

by Let's Go Vacation Rentals
17 June, 2015
Category:   Travel and Leisure

Best travel destinations in Europe for 2015

Are you planing a trip to Europe and still don’t know where to go? Here are 10 best travel destinations in Europe for 2015 that you should not miss!


This is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Bordeaux, declared world heritage site by UNESCO, owns the world’s largest wine industry. Saint Emillion is great place to visit, where you can see great castles and enjoy the famous wine. Also, you should see Place de la Bourse and check out the awesome architecture of Le Pont Jacques Chaban Delmas.

Bordeaux, Europe Travel destination


Valletta, the capital city of Malta will offer the tourists with an astounding collection of things to discover. The city has been designed with honey-colored stone against the backdrop of Mediterranean blues. Valletta has 320 famous monuments so those history lovers among the tourists can really enjoy their time here.


Lisbon, the city of enlightening has bright presence of sunshine and it is River Tagus which transforms the city to a mirror of thousands of colors. Lisbon is charming and appealing to many tourists for its historic church and museum, Sao Jeorge castle and Belem Tower.

Lisbon, great travel destination in Europe


Milan, the second most densely populated city in Italy, is also one of the historic cities where the tourists throng to watch the spectacular marble Duomo at the churches, palaces and in the museums. Also, L’Ultima Cena is a musem you have to visit while in Milan. However, it is very difficult to get the tickets, so you may want to book your ticket well in advance!


Athens is called the crib of western civilization. Since the ancient days, Athens had to face huge number of conquerors who took hold of the city and occupied it. The conquerors constructed the unique monuments, and there are the rare historical palimpsest which can be seen everywhere throughout the city.

Athens, crib of western civilization


Innsbruck is the capital of Tyrol region. Tourists always try to rush to this city mainly because of it wonderful scenery and flamboyance. This city has created a gleaming throb of nature. Innsbrucker Nordkettenbahnen is an absolute must visit as the panoramic views of the Alps above Innsbruck are just awesome!


Rome is an eternal city and has huge attraction for the tourists due to its rich history. This capital city of Italy, aside from the legendary Colosseums, offers great Pantheons and Roman Forums for a visit. The historic attraction has been perfectly combined with its natural beauty.

Best travel destinations, Rome


Istanbul has enchanting combination of sights, sounds and colors. There are also mosques which are magnificent in design, impressive churches and gorgeous museums. The tourists are also attracted by the waters of Bosphorus.

This magnificent city connects Europe and Asia, so you should not miss the opportunity to cruise the Bosphorus and enjoy wonderful scenery and fresh sea breeze while taking astonishing photos!

Istanbul - Europe travel destination


Madrid is a mixture of culture and entertainment. Here are some attractive tourist spots you should check out while in Madrid: Royal Palace, Buen Retiro Park, Museo Nacional de Prado. Also, an absolute must for football fans is the Bernabeum Stadium.


Vienna is renowned for its picturesque buildings and parks. Ringstrasse is the renowned place in Vienna for its most beautiful boulevard in the world.

Schonrunn is the former imperial summer residence, and indeed one of the most important historical and cultural monuments in Austria. This baroque palace and gardens surrounding it have been the property of Habsburgs for several hundred years and for the most part the original condition has been preserved.

Vienna, travel destination 2015

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