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Best Restaurants in Playa De Carmen

by Let's Go Vacation Rentals
6 July, 2015
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Best Restaurants in Playa De Carmen

Aside from wonderful beaches you can find the best restaurants in Playa De Carmen with a great variety of dishes that foodies and travelers will very much enjoy. The dishes available at these restaurants will tingle your taste buds so be prepared for a tour of the exotic restaurants of Playa De Carmen.


One of the famous Mexican restaurants, is “Yaxche” meaning green tree in ancient Mayan. The restaurant gives a glimpse of the Mayan culture in its interior decoration. The Mayan ruins are replicated full with inscribed stones and figures of Gods on the wall. The cooking is with regional spices and recipes is exotic and out of the world.

The restaurant is a vegetarians’ delight, with a wide range of preparations from fruits, roots and vegetables. For non-veggies the pork marinated in orange juice and cooked wrapped in banana leaf is a unique dish. You will really love it.

Yaxche Restaurant in Playa del Carmen

Java Joe’s

A visit to Playa De Carmen means late night partying. Java Joe’s is a special restaurant which is popular as an after party destination. You can have espresso, Café Americano and the café’s hangover special.

Java Joe’s offers great Canadian bacon, fried eggs and English muffin with the coffee. The bagels made here are famous all over Playa De Carmen. Eighty different varieties are available.

On the hot days you should have iced mocha with tuna sandwich or packed lunch which you can carry to the adjoining beach. You can rent the four star luxury villa Casa Model for your stay during the vacation. It is right next to the beach and you can enjoy the best of Playa De Carmen.

Blue Lobster

If you are honeymooning in Playa De Carmen, this is the perfect romantic spot to dine. You can experience a romantic evening on the terrace and enjoy the juicy T-bone a steak grilled to order.

Lobsters are the specialty as the name suggests. You can choose from the tank the one you like the most and they will cook it for you. The billing is as per the weight of the lobster. You can also have shrimp cooked in lime butter. Live music played at the restaurant adds to the atmosphere.

Blue Lobster restaurant in PLaya del Carmen

La Cueva Del Chango

The restaurant gives a feel of eating out in the jungle. Yes the interior has waterfalls, a fish pond, real birds and natural wood and stone. The restaurant bakes its own bread and they are really nice.

Have breakfast here and enjoy the ground coffee or the fresh juices. Huevos rancheros tastes great with coffee or juice. It is the restaurant’s specialty. Shrimp with cinnamon is another delicacy which is served at dinner time. The wines on the menu are worth a try too.

La Parrilla

The grilled enchiladas, quesadillas and margaritas taste like home cooked. The special one is Parrilla mixta which is a mix of marinated seafood, chicken and steak. The taste created is out of the world.

There is plenty of food for vegetarians too with a wide range of salads and bean broth cooked with different local spices. Live music makes the dinner romantic with great music starting from 8 PM onwards.

Stay at Vacation Rentals and enjoy the local cuisine

If you are staying at a hotel, you will invariably eat breakfast and dinner at the same location. You will be missing the exquisite local flavor at the top restaurants mentioned above.

Let’s Go has wide-ranging options for renting out for tourists on vacation. You can choose from four star luxury villas to simple beach side apartments. So, enjoy the local food and the economic stay at Playa De Carmen.

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