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5 Big Advantages Vacation Rentals Have Over Hotels

by Let's Go Vacation Rentals
26 June, 2015
Category:   Tips, Vacation rentals

5 Big Advantages Vacation Rentals Have Over Hotels

Vacations are always to have fun. Never let the problem of finding an accommodation for yourself and your family be an encumbrance. We made these 5 big advantages vacation rentals have over hotels for you to check out!

Of course, there are hotels that can be as comfortable. There is always the choice of living in a rented house or apartment and living in a hotel room. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. You should consider all of them before you decide.

Space Matters

Rentals have a lot more space as compared to what you would find in a hotel. On an average, a vacation rental has about 1,850 square feet. This gives you a lot of room to spread over comfortably. Your luggage can be arranged quite neatly in an apartment or house you rent. You would get a lot more space, while your kids would get a separate room.

Apartments are quite an elaborate affair, where you have at least two washrooms. A hotel room, on the other hand, usually has a single rest-room. This can be a problem if you have a large family.

Privacy Counts

A vacation rental offers a lot of privacy. It does not matter if you are looking for some private moments with your sweetheart, or you simply seek a bit of rest and relaxation, you are sure to find all this and much more in an apartment or house you rent.

In comparison, living in a hotel would be putting everything for the public to view. There are all sorts of people in different hotel rooms, and while most people respect each other’s privacy, some people love to peek into others’ private lives.

For Honeymoon Couples

Hotels would be quite strange option for couples out on their honey-moon.

For those who love swimming, the swimming-pool is usually swarming with the hotel guests. This would not be the problem if you choose to rent an accommodation for the vacation, granted the accommodation has a private swimming-pool.

Food Matters!

While some may consider an all inclusive vacation perfect, you will find yourself restrained to the schedules a hotel has for food, meaning you’ll be eating whatever the hotel chooses to give at the time it is programmed to be served, Whilst on the other hand, on your very own vacation rental home or apt, you’ll be able to get the food you want and prefer for yourself and your family! Definitley something to consider, who doesn’t like to eat what he/she loves?

Pets Are Not Welcome Into Hotels

While you are free to bring your pets along with you in a rented house or apartment with the owner’s consent, most hotels strictly prohibit animals and pets in their compounds. In houses and villas, there are exquisite kennels and cages for animal-lovers who cannot live without their pets.

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So all in all, if you wish to fully enjoy your privacy and many other commodities that a hotel cannot offer, we highly recommend a rental home!

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