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10 Ways To Save Money When You Travel In 2015

by Let's Go Vacation Rentals
1 July, 2015
Category:   Tips, Travel and Leisure

10 Ways To Save Tons Of Cash When You Travel In 2015

Traveling generally means spending a lot of money. When you go on a vacation, you need to plan the trip in advance so you can enjoy your days off to the fullest. So here are 10 ways to save money while you travel in 2015.

In a conventional way it is really difficult to save while on a trip, and you would not want to compromise with the enjoyment. The travel agent will always push you to spend more. It is what they do. So, the question is how to enjoy the vacation and still save tons of cash. This is the new era and being a bit creative and deviating from the conventions can help you save loads of cash. 2015

Renting a house or an apartment

A hotel always is the major share of your travel expense. If you are planning a long trip then living in a hotel becomes really expensive. If you are coming to Mexico to enjoy the water sports in Cancun, for example, Let’s Go has many options for an economic and long stay in a vacation house.



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Use public transport

When you rent a taxi you are missing the local adventure. Instead use the public transports like bus, ferry or metro. You will enjoy the travel and save in the process as well. Public transport lets you see the local culture from very close.

Fly economy class

Flying across the countryside costs money. The best way to reduce on this expense is to fly the economy class of budget airlines. There are many options available, the frequency is higher and you will pay less.

Cook the meals by yourself to stay healthy and save cash

Staying in a rented apartment or house will also give you the option to cook your own meals. Most of the house rentals have a separate kitchen where you can cook. It is healthy and saves money you will be spending eating every meal outside. Do enjoy the local cuisine at restaurants but minimize it to save cash.

Save Tons Of Cash When You Travel

Carry a reusable bottle

You must be drinking bottled water when you go out traveling. The rental houses always have a water purifier and you can drink the water safely. Just carry a reusable water bottle and fill at your home. It helps the environment and also saves a bit of cash as well.

Save a lot on bank fees

While traveling just do a bit of research on which bank has free transactions. Sign up for a credit card with zero fees and save the money. Also, you can save on paying the fees for withdrawals at ATMs with some banks. Just a few dollars but it adds up.

Use apps for last minute discounts

With the technology available nowadays and the smartphone revolution you can save more than you imagine. Great apps on the smartphone will help you make last minute bookings and save with a discount. Nice way to save money.

Package local tours

This is the best way to enjoy, either with a lot of people or just your family if you like it that way. Package tours cost up to 45% less than traveling privately from location to location.

Save Tons Of Cash When You Travel In 2015

Use tourism cards

Many locations have special tourism cards for traveling to all attractions. You just need to have these cards and most of the services will be free for you and you also save on hassle of buying tickets every time.

Use coupons and accumulated points on your credit card

The best time to use coupons and points is during travel. You will save and lessen the budget. Believe me you can save and with the savings plan another trip.

Using these simple tricks will help you save tons of money, which you can put to better use. It also gives knowledge of how to be economic and still enjoy the travel.


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