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10 Essential Tips For Vacationing Alone

by Let's Go Vacation Rentals
14 July, 2015
Category:   Travel and Leisure

12 Essential Tips For Vacationing Alone

Traveling alone is something you have to do at least once in your life. However, if you have never done it before, it can seem a bit overwhelming so these are 10 essential tips for vacationing alone that will help you get the best out of your holiday.

Check out if you know anyone there

Social media is great for this. Before you leave for your travels check if any friends or friends of friends are in the area that you can hook up with. This is a great way to get an instant and local introduction to the area. Maybe someone at work or college is also going to the same place you are so ask the people you know, it is always good to have a contact and networking is always positive.

Be Flexible

No, not acrobatics, your schedule! Do not book lots of tours or activities, leave yourself open to invites that might just prove more exciting that the basic tours. Tours can always be booked last minute and there is always room for one more!

Get out and about

If you like football go see a local match; need to keep up with the gym get a day pass to a local gym. Look to take yourself to places where you will meet others. Do not just laze around in your pool everyday on your own…boring!

Watch what you take

Avoid traveling with a big fancy camera, for one it makes you stand out as a tourist for another there are a nuisance, heavy around the neck, takes time to set up. Oh no go for the mobile camera, much easier, lighter and easily concealed.

Tips for traveling alone

Where to go?

When you are looking for where to drink and find the music you like, try to find any place and ask the bartender or someone who works there where to go.

Do not believe everything you are told

The first person you meet is often the taxi driver taking you to your vacation home. He may sound knowledgeable but his facts might not necessarily be right, do try and double check the information you get, certainly when you first arrive!

Check out the restaurant seating arrangements

Go for restaurants that have communal tables, a great way of getting to know people and learning what is and is not good on the menu!

Do not share your address

Do not go inviting the strangers you have been drinking all afternoon with back to your rental, listen to your gut, if its telling you someone is just a little too interested in where you are staying, then lie.

Open your eyes look around!

You know you will not leave your phone or tablet at home, but make an agreement with yourself not to spend your vacation with your nose buried in it. Why go on holiday if you not going to take a break and do things differently? If you want to share what you are doing be selective and upload every other day in useful apps for travelers.

Recommendations for traveling alone in Mexico


Integral to all the tips, is to be aware of your safety so the best thing to do is to carry your ID and copies of it and leave an itinerary with a friend or family. Also you should email yourself all your important papers in case you loose one. It is recomendable to keep in touch with someone via email or phone and let them know your plans and where you are going to be.

Read and leave maps with marks of where you are going at your vacation rental and if asking directions do not spread out your entire life to the stranger who is helping you.

Hope these 10 essential tips for vacationing alone help make your vacation one to remember and be sure to have fun. If you want to check some vacation rentals in Cancun, Tulum, Playa del Carmen , Akumal, or any other destinations, you may want to look here in Let’s Go Vacation Rentals.

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