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​Amazing DIY Travel Hacks for an Efficient Packing

by Let's Go Vacation Rentals
22 July, 2015
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Traveling can be a pain if it’s not properly realized, if you’re traveling by coach or car, you should check these amazing DIY travel hacks for efficient packing are well worth knowing.

How to pack clothes?

Do not fold! Roll the clothes you are going to take. Doing this mean the clothes will be wrinkle free and you can pack more in. When folding if you turn the top part over you can use it to secure the roll or just pop some elastic bands around.

If you are taking shirts and want to keep the collars stiff, pack your belt into them. Fold jackets and blazers inside out to prevent wrinkling. An old shower cap is useful for putting around the soles of shoes; dryer sheets are handy as well for keeping smelly shoes fresh or even just toss into your suit case to keep the contents fresh.

DIY traveling hacks

DIY hacks for toiletries

Shampoo and conditioners plus other assorted creams and liquids take up so much room in your case and of course there is the possibility that they might spill. Cling film is the best for preventing spillage, put between the cap and the bottle. Another way is to wrap masking tape around the cap, plus it can save you lots of money!

A great hack for skincare creams and sun creams is to use straws.  Fill the straws with the creams using a Q-Tip to push it in leaving some space at either end, use a heat sealant to secure the ends cutting them off to a uniform size. Mark the straw contents with marker pen or scotch tape. So much easier to pack and carry.

Putting soap into a toweling pouch is another great hack, you need basic sewing skills but simply make a pouch from toweling, place the soap inside and voila – you have scrub and soap all in one. Pop into a Ziploc bag for traveling if still a bit wet.

For toothpaste you can use the straw method again for this but you could also reuse a travel size toothpaste tube by just refilling it. If you have an eye dropper bottle this can also be used to transport toothpaste or small amounts of liquid. If carrying your razor use a binder clip to secure the blade end.

Cotton buds can be carried in old medication pots. Used leftover lens cases can be reused for liquid makeup.

Tips to pack jewelery

Pack your valuables in empty Chap Stick tubes where you can fit them. Don’t you just hate it when your necklaces get tangled? This amazing DIY travel hack suggests you thread your necklace chains through a straw, so easy. You can also cut up some foam into a small container to stick earrings and rings into. Another simple hack is to use one of the weekly medicine dispensers you can get from at any pharmacy.

Tips to pack jewelery

Miscellaneous or cannot do without!

A camera comes to mind for this and a neat and cheap hack is to use a soap dish to store your camera safe for traveling. Old sunglasses cases can be used to store chargers. Do you take your flat iron with you? Then consider making a cover from a heat resistant pot holder. Sew up one side and along the bottom to make a tube and there you have a perfectly neat heat resistant storage container.

We hope this short but helpful list can get your packing times improved as well as the quality in which you’ve packed it all!

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